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NCWNP District is once again sponsoring a virtual event honoring the courage and sacrifices of our veterans past and present.  We invite you to this year’s event to be held on May 29th SUNDAY at 1 pm PDT.

We are pleased to welcome Robert Horsting back to share his insight gleaned from oral history collected from Nisei veterans that is part of a collaborative effort for Shane Sato’s second-volume coffee table book of Nisei Veterans photographs: Go For Broke Spirit: Portraits of Legacy.  Always the skilled storyteller,  Robert will share a few stories in the book as well as a documentary on Shane’s passion to capture the essence of their valor thru his photography.

“I want people to remember what they did when they had everything against them.  Hopefully, the next generation will be able to look at what these men did and talk about that.” – Shane Sato

Please join us – the RSVP link in the attached flyer. Deadline for sign-up is May 27th.  This is a FREE limited space event. Donations welcome. Download Flyer.